localveloccity-logoMidwest Foods Farmer’s Markets support local agriculture. The fruits and vegetables you get here are from farms located right next door, like Windy City Harvest from Illinois, or Parrfection Produce from Wisconsin. The families who run these operations have been doing so for generations. They take pride in their produce, are dedicated and are the best at what they do!

Farmers Markets season runs from April through October. If you need assistance with special events during the months from November through March please contact your sales representative.

 PDF Farmer′s Market Form

PDF Farmer′s Market Form

Midwest Foods Farmer’s Market Season: April-October 2018

Complete the PDF form and send to lesliem@midwestfoods.com to book your Farmer’s Market today!

Midwest Foods is seasoned at bringing on-site farmers markets to your location.

All you need to do is:

  • Sign up
  • Place your order
  • Account for the profits you receive during the market

We’ll bring the goods and displays, sell items at prices you determine, and clean up. You’ll also have access to multiple vendors selling a vast array of goods, including fresh, local produce, flowers, jams & honey, meats cheeses & more.

Clients please book your Local Farmers’ Market three weeks in advance. For more information contact your sales representative.

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