Wholesale produce distributor in Chicago.

Midwest Foods is one of the largest wholesale produce distributor in Chicago. For more than a decade, the Greater Chicago area’s leading hotels and restaurants have relied on Midwest Foods to source specialty produce. Whether it’s organic and locally farmed or conventionally grown, our commitment is to exceed your expectations with every delivery.
We’re the number one wholesale produce distributor of choice among chefs for quality foods.

Located on Chicago’s south side, Midwest’s state-of-the-art warehouse and distribution center was designed to meet modern standards for perishable food-service wholesaling. Recognized by the industry as a showplace, our expertly planned building enables us to operate under optimal conditions. But our requirements for the safety and freshness of your order don’t end in our facility. Our late-model refrigerated trucks are maintained under a strict weekly sanitation schedule, assuring that they conform to the rigorous standards you expect from Midwest Foods. Our fleet is an extension of our facility, a warehouse on wheels.

Midwest Foods is committed to providing the highest level of quality produce and service to our clients. We are able to successfully accomplish this through our continual education in food safety. We are committed to the advancement in the food industry through our relationships with our growers, which help us ensure the safest and best product available. We will always be the first in sourcing out unique specialty produce, at the best possible price for our customers.

Our goal is to show that Midwest Foods is the most efficient wholesale produce distributor in Chicago and the Midwest. Offering the safest quality of products at the best price.